Get to know our agency, our team and our values.

We connect people through technology.

NGTI is a leading mobile app development agency. We develop and produce high-quality technological mobile applications, for native, hybrid and web use. We are a trusted partner for clients in creating smart solutions that provide added value. For your business, your customer experience and your profit.

The team

We are a team of over 50 digital experts from a wide range of countries and cultures, with three common denominators in our DNA: we love tech, we aim to deliver top notch quality and we love sharpening our saws while doing so. And of course: we all love Rotterdam! 

We challenge our clients to think differently by asking the right questions, how can we leverage tech differently? Where are users talking and when, because the experience matters.

What we believe

Good is just the start.
We exceed expectations. We don’t stop until your customers are happy. We are looking for partnerships. We are passionate and eager to deliver. We test, iterate. We educate our people. We educate you.  We make the extra mile. 

We connect people with technology. 
People and devices. User and things. Apps & data. Organisations and stakeholders.

We work for your customers. 
We may take their side. And do so if it helps.

We embrace diversity. 
Combination of different backgrounds enriches outcomes, possibilities and broadens the way you look at the world. Diversity in people and their backgrounds. Diversity in skills. We are an international company with a nice blend of professionals.