Pay directly and automatically at a filling station with the Autosense Fuel App.

How do you optimize the user experience during the trip? Integrate a very user-friendly payment functionality in an existing app, fully integrated with the back-end systems. That made this assignment challenging and interesting.

01 - Assignment

Improve customer service and unlock the payment services by designing and developing a tailor-made app. An App that is secure, scalable and integrated within the existing app. 

02 - Solution

The native app is fully tailored to the customer journey of the rider. Not only the payment function is central. Simple smart functions are also part of the solution. An example of this is only being able to activate the right pump (petrol / unleaded / diesel). This prevents common filling problems. Both native apps, iOS and Android, are integrated with the backend architecture. Transactions and information are retrieved and processed directly via APIs. The transactions and mobility data are clear to the driver and leasing company via the app and their own web application.

03 - Impact

The autoSense Fuel App works with and without autoSense adapter and can be used at over 195 Migrol fuel stations.

The Autosense Fuel is in the Top 10 of trending apps in Switzerland. With more than 10.000 downloads on Android and a rating of 4 out of 5.

Your car in one app! Enjoy a connected world. Pay without your wallet.

Together with Autosense and their stakeholders we created a starting point for developing and focusing the concept. This was achieved using interactive and collaborative workshops focussed on delivering transparent and tangible results. 

Examples of the out from these workshops include: product vision, user journey, concept, technical roadmap and designs.

Innovative automatic services in a connected world.

Autosense focuses on developing innovative automobile services for private individuals and companies. Companies use the open ecosystem platform with its plug-and-play functionality to take advantage of the advanced fleet management solutions and driver-centric data intelligence together with the partner services that are constantly being added to and developed.

At the heart of the system is an app and an adapter that provides users with a digital assistant for their cars and access to the growing ecosystem. 

"All services are there to make your daily drive experience better and simpler"