A new and interactive way to reach your audience.

Beem connects the digital world to the real world and allows exciting content to be delivered straight to your smartphone. beems are information, videos, great offers, competitions, polls and much more.

01 - Assignment

New technologies offer new business opportunities. Based on beacon technology and audio content recognition (ACR), Beem is able to offer a user location specific content. But how do we realize a Mobile App that interacts flawlessly with a billboard or with a movie in a cinema? Or with a TV programme that is broadcast and someone is watching at home? In addition to a solid software architecture, this requires the right hardware and ACR technology are important aspects. Is the choice of hardware and ACR technology reliable and how do we ensure that our Mobile Beem app can also be used by other apps? Together with the Beem team we answer these questions.

02 - Solution

The project was delivered via AWS and consists of a mobile SDK for interpreting signals and a Web App that displays the relevant Campaign to the end user. 

The mobile SDK uses Bluetooth to detect objects equipped with Bluetooth transmitters, such as pictures in art exhibitions or billboards. It is also capable of using Audio Content Recognition (ACR) to detect audio tracks from TV, Cinema or Radio commercials. It is integrated on the back-end with technology provided by partners. 

The Web App uses Vue.js to allow us to rapidly add new features for the end user. 

03 - Impact

Beem is connected with over 250 interactive billboards. Available in several museums and cinemas and is available for more than 2 million users. A recent campaign presented on 172 billboard posters, created 3,413 interactions and resulted in a conversion of 10% to leads.

Increase the interaction with your advertisements. Make your advertisements digital. Reach your target audience.

We start with a concept and design phase which we finish in 10 weeks. Combining it with a Proof of Technology to choose the right technology (ultrasonics, later on using beacon technology) After the proof of concept, we start with the production of the final product, which took us 6 months to deliver. And after the platform went live in November 2019 the team continued to improve the platform and released a major iteration in June 2020.

Innovative way to increase interaction with your advertisements.

Beem connects the digital world to the real world and enables content to be delivered straight onto a user’s smartphone. This enables advertisers to make tailormade and innovative experiences with their audience, based on their location and enhance their experience. 

When used with the beacons users can click on offers, coupons, discounts, images, or videos when they are near an active Beem location. Beem guarantees direct consumer communication and enhances any advertising billboard.

“What if we can share valuable information about products based on your profile and own settings... What if you can receive discounts just because you are there right now...”