Co-ownership of real estate properties. Online accessible for everyone.

In the start-up phase, a number of things are important: the business case, the product vision and the first elaboration of the digital product. Blyver works completely digital. A Mobile App, Webportal using Blockchain technology characterises the technical architecture. NGTI took care of the creative translation of product specifications into the first designs.

01 - Assignment

For the Mobile App, accessibility and simplicity are the key words. Certainly with a complex financial product this is required to be successful.

02 - Solution

Short lines, to the point, fast, substantive and healthy critical. That characterises the chosen approach, which fitted in exactly with the Blyver phase. Together with Blyver stakeholders, we chose to work out the design principles in a number of sessions and to work out the most important customer journey. Using problem solving design thinking, we translated the wireframes into visual elements, a first concept and design elaboration.

03 - Impact

The conceptual elaboration in the form of a Prototype of the business concept helps Blyver to go through the second development phase: hooking up additional investors and customers and further fleshing out the concept. The stepping stone to the launch of the platform.

A complex financial product, accessible to everyone.

Going through this process has contributed on several fronts. By focusing on the customer journey, the functional design has become even clearer. Making maximum use of mobile possibilities provided valuable insights. Not only for users, but also for real estate owners.

Blyver is a FinTech company, which offers every consumer the possibility to easily become co-owner of a real estate object. In his own neighbourhood or somewhere else. Blyver is a startup based in NL with an international ambition. Real estate is traditionally a market for wealthy organisations or wealthy individuals. Due to the high returns on real estate, inequality is only increasing worldwide. Blyver wants to break this pattern. “Just imagine someone in rural Africa using an affordable smartphone to invest $5 in a high-end apartment in Manhattan, NYC” is an example that endorses this mission.