Boost innovation and facilitate cooperation within organizations.

GETKICKBOX supports other companies in implementing, professionalising and scaling-up intrapreneurship programs around the methodology of Kickbox.

01 - Assignment

Develop an interactive online platform for multiple enterprise organisations and allow them to manage and facilitate their employees innovations.

02 - Solution

A Multi Tenant SaaS platform. Key functionalities are: drive projects through the innovation funnel, offer a marketplace with all kinds of project services, a campaign builder to inspire employees, stimulate knowledge sharing and measure and report activity for management purposes. 

The platform was delivered and developed using Vue.js on the front-end and Parse and Node.js on the backend. MongoDB, S3 and RabbitMQ are used for storage/queuing functionality. Statistics are provided using Matomo in conjunction with MariaDB. The majority of the solution is provided in docker containers allowing the provision of autoscaling; some components are delivered using static build packs on Cloudfoundry.  As part of the development service that NGTI provides we use CodeceptJS for full end to end automated testing. 

03 - Impact

Kickbox platform currently has 15+ corporate customers including Siemens, Allianz and the University of Zurich.  The platform has helped over 20 innovation projects reach the final (GoldBox) stage of the innovation funnel and to achieve full funding.


We worked as a full one stop development partner and guided them through the process of product design, development, and finally to marketing the platform to customers.   

The NGTI development team leads the implementation and enhancement of the platform while teaming up and training an apprentice client development team.

Create an intrapreneur movement in your company

GETKICKBOX provides a selection of tools to encourage intrapreneurs: an online innovation platform, physical and gamified toolboxes, and a strong peer community consisting of people from different companies being responsible for Kickbox in their organisation.

The goal is to verify and encourage employees ideas while creating new business opportunities for the company.

"With NGTI we found the right development partner. Thanks to a great team, the platform has become a huge success." David Hengartner, Head of Swisscom Kickbox.