Best in-store shop experience. How do you get there?

When you come to the store, you expect excellent service. Together with a well-known retailer we ran a successful experiment to boost the in-store shopping experience. 

01 - Assignment

Less and less customers come to the store. But when they arrive, they expect excellent and fast service. How do we apply new techniques to offer optimal service?

02 - Solution

Together with our client, we installed a pilot environment in which we tackle two essential parts of the customer journey. Optimising waiting time and providing a customised service. The installed beacon technology in combination offers the possibility to automatically put customers in the queue and approach them easily. By combining the specific route (trackdata in store movements) with product data (based on near field communication (NFC) and scanning) and CRM data, the service employee can help the customer perfectly.

03 - Impact

A successful Proof of Concept in a simulated Shop of both software and hardware components. Everything was executed within 8 weeks for the PoC which is the starting point for the realising the complete solution.

From idea to simulated shop environment

By combining business knowledge and technological knowledge, the test setup was quickly devised. We developed the concept in the form of a vision document and tested the setup with beacons and a working prototype app at our own office. In this way, despite the limitations caused by Covid-19, we were able to carry out the successful Pilot. A video and the documented test findings formed the basis of the approval to proceed to the realisation phase.