Find your technician with the Mila app.

Want a new type of UI for customers to navigate around an app? Our developers created a prototype and MVP of an app that uses a conversational UI to navigate around the app, making the project interesting and creative.

01 - Assignment

Create an app that facilitates the users with a tech challenge with finding the right partner. With excellent user experience and optimise customer interaction by making use of new conversational technology. 

02 - Solution

A prototype of the Mila Client app using a conversational UI, in which clients start chatting with a chatbot about what their problem is. This helps the client to plan an appointment with the relevant technician. This concept was built using an Ionic Hybrid Framework on the front-end of the app and with Node.JS for the assignment of the technicians and the back-end of the app.

03 - Impact

A prototype, product vision and mobile design for a unique future app that uses a conversational UI to guide that can be used by Mila. Their customers have rated us 4.8 out of 5 for their overall services. To date, Mila has successfully completed over 150,000 orders.

A new way to interact with an app. Find the right technician. Solve your technical difficulties.

Together with Mila we start to define a product vision. What is the business case, what are the jobs to be done and what are the technical possibilities? After this phase, we work on a clickable prototype and final product vision. Together we designed the prototype app in several design sprints that formed the principle for the developing phase. During the development phase we combined technical expertise and developed the app using Scrum. 

Innovative UI and UX app design.

At you’ll find the easiest way to get qualified tech support on-demand, when you need it, where you need it. Be it a Wireless LAN installation, data transfer between smartphones, setting up a GPS tracker, iOS or Android problems, backup solutions, setting up and installing smart home devices, and more. Using an intelligent algorithm, Mila finds the right tech partner to take care of your request, fast. The Mila Friend or Mila Professional comes directly to your home or office to solve the technical problem. A fast, high-quality professional solution to your tech issue is our top priority. With the Mila Service Tracker, you can keep track of the service and customer support is on standby to help.

"NGTI doesn't only offer you their profound understanding and expertise in design and programming, but also their sense for groundbreaking innovation, their knowledge of and interest for the user and an experienced view on business questions"