Easily manage all your provider data and settings from one app.

Improve the user experience when using the customer portal. The newly developed hybrid My Swisscom app combines new designs and pre-existing infrastructure of the Swisscom customer center. Giving the developers a challenge to combine it into a beautiful package.

01 - Assignment

Enhance the customer portal experience by developing a fresh and modern app that allows Swisscom customers to obtain, order, modify, configure and terminate information about their Swisscom mass market products and contracts across all channels. The app should combine an effortless but secure authentication experience with access to Swisscom’s entire existing customer service infrastructure.

02 - Solution

A hybrid app, that combines a native navigation structure for Android and iOS to provide a fast and snappy experience with a flexible webview to reuse Angular components from different departments. These Angular components are developed by different teams to be reused in different environments, from desktop websites to internal systems like call centers and the Swisscom shops. With a modular architecture that allows the app to quickly adapt to future developments.

03 - Impact

Customers reacted very positively to the new My Swisscom App. We received a honourable mention as Nr 1 Service App in the iOS store.  In analytics, we can see that the new app has reduced the crashes by around 80% compared to the previous app and we have booked a success in accessibility.

Improve the user experience of the customer portal. Integrate old technology into new apps.

A new and improved solution for customers to manage their data and settings from their phone.

The My Swisscom App is an important channel for Swisscom customers to find the latest information on their Swisscom products and contracts, manage and configure their settings and preferences, order new products or find and receive information about Swisscom.