Back up all your data safely and securely.

Access your data anywhere and anytime and have the assurance that your data will never be lost. This is essential for anyone who uses their mobile device intensively. In the form of the myCloud application, the largest telecom provider offers all its customers an important free backup service. Instead of having to buy another backup Cloud or store your data in an unknown platform, myCloud offers a safe, accessible and privacy-compliant environment. For all types of files such as photos, images, videos and documents.

01 - Assignment

Improve the customers’ mobile cloud experience by developing and designing native apps for Android and iOS which could replace the old hybrid myCloud app while including all the features from the old app as well as adding new features and keep the app optimised for new OS updates.

02 - Solution

Two beautiful looking native apps, designed and developed using Swift for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android. Both apps use SQLite, Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics in the background, and use the Model-View-View-Model paradigm in software construction as an architectural pattern. That allows users to save photos and other content directly from an Android and iOS app. Files are accessible anywhere, on any device, and they can be securely shared with friends and family.

03 - Impact

Swisscom myCloud has more than 140.000 monthly active users and the apps are loved by its users, with the android app scoring 4.5 out 5 stars with over 3700 reviews and 100.000 installs. And the iOS app scored a 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 22.6K reviews.  

And according to a recent user survey filled out by 1500 users in 2020, users use the myCloud service and app because of: 

  • Reliable 62% 
  • Ease of use 53%
  • Pleasant and modern design 46%

Have all your files with you. Safely and securely back-up your data from all over the world.

Together with Swisscom, we determined all the features of the old hybrid app and started by designing and developing native apps that implement all the old features. After launching the new apps, we continue to create new features. 

We are able to deliver tangible results in time by using Scrum and SAFE.

A safe and beautiful solution for all your data.

The Swisscom myCloud is a service to store and share photos and files securely and access them from any device, watch TV, and share photo albums. Swisscom’s clients can rest assured; their data is not stored on any random server anywhere in the world. Instead, their photos and files are being safely stored in Swisscom’s home country Switzerland.

'Working with NGTI is a pleasure. A highly motivated team could be set up in a very short term, the roadmap determined and work mode/processes established" Mario Brolle. Product Manager.

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