Track your carbon footprint automatically with the Swiss Climate Challenge

How do you make people aware of their CO2 footprint? An easy to use API that automatically determines which mode of transport is used by the user.

01 - Assignment

Use current GPS applications and smart data analysis and make mobility movements transparent in detail. Indicate the CO2 impact of each mode of transport and encourage people to positively change their behaviour in terms of climate change.

02 - Solution

Using an advanced algorithm, mobility movements of users by means of transport are automatically plotted. Cycle, walk or take the tram? That has a different CO2 impact than a car. Nearly in real time a user sees his own mobility and the associated CO2 impact. This is how we create awareness. Through gamification, users can challenge each other to be as climate-neutral as possible. Thanks to the modular set-up, the available SDK and well-documented APIs, the Climate Challenge can be tailor-made, for example per company or city. The app can easily be activated in existing apps. As a result, the solution is immediately available to large user groups without any additional installation action.

03 - Impact

The Swiss Climate Challenge App is accessible to more than 500,000 users. It is immediately available via the existing apps of major news sites. The generated data is made available anonymously to cities and government agencies in order to optimally design smart cities from a mobility perspective.

Be more sustainable. Track your CO2 footprint. Help save the climate.

From idea to management and further development to quality management . Together with the client team, we went through all the process steps. A clear product Vision, Information design and UX lead to a very user-friendly design that suits a very broad user group.

Innovative solution to travel more sustainable.

The Swiss Climate Challenge is an initiative that wants to create incentives that will motivate companies and private individuals to reduce their own mobility-related CO₂ emissions. Whether you are travelling by plane, car or by foot, Swiss Climate challenge automatically tracks your CO2 emissions across all sorts of transportation.