Control all your smart home appliances through the Swisscom Home app.

This is how you streamline and declutter the smart home controls for your customers. An user-friendly solution that fully integrates smart home appliances from multiple major manufacturers and the Swisscom Internet Router.

01 - Assignment

Improve the experience for the customer when managing their home network and smart home by creating an app that fully integrates the controls and information of those devices.

02 - Solution

A native iOS and Android app in which the user can quickly transform their home into a smart home. Lighting that you can control from anywhere. Music that plays wirelessly in all rooms and cameras that alert you when something is happening whilst you are away. And that can set up and control the Swisscom Internetbox and Router.

03 - Impact

The app is a big success and loved by its users with over 100.000 installs on Android and 29.000 reviews rating it an average of 4.5 out of 5 in the App Store.

Your whole smart home in one app! Control and manage a smart home without the clutter.

IoT solutions with customer experience in mind.

Swisscom is the biggest telecom provider of Switzerland, they are always innovating to increase the customer experience. This is how they decided to create an app that can control all the smart home appliances and the internet box and router, creating a seamless and easy to use experience for the customers of Swisscom. 

“NGTI,, feels like a well-connected outpost of our design team here in Zürich. Working with them is a pleasure and the latest results show, that we are properly aligned – value- and design-wise.”