Innovate your business. Improve your app together with NGTI.

Are you working with an outdated mobile application? Are you dealing with declining conversion or low user satisfaction? Problems incorporating new features? At NGTI we can help you further. Because developments follow each other in rapid succession, which means that all kinds of functional and technical aspects can be a reason to want or need to renew a mobile app. Central to a redesign or modernisation is, therefore, your goal and your ambition: What do you want to achieve together? In our first work session, we discuss and answer this question.

Audit and Roadmap provide insight and direction.

An important step in our process is the Audit. We analyse the quality, stability, user-friendliness as it is now, as well as future wishes. Can we continue to develop on the existing app? Are improvements necessary or is a new starting point required? Based on the objective results of the Audit, we go through the options together and draw up a Roadmap that describes the next steps.

Partner for mobile development

As digital software specialists, we are experts in mobile app development. We have experience with simple as well as complex and innovative apps. In addition to mobile app development, we have a lot of knowledge in the field of IoT, Mobility, Beacon technology, Big Data and AI.

A first review and more information?

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