Invest in mobile to benefit your business

Blog: 3 tips to create a great mobile app

Mobile apps are powerful tools for personal and business use. Today, the majority of people can’t do without them. As functional possibilities have taken flight, mobile will play an increasingly decisive role for companies. This is substantiated by the enormous growth of apps in mobility and health and other smart apps, but also by the fact that the user experience of a good mobile app can’t be matched by that of a website or portal.

Besides direct, measurable KPIs, such as higher conversion, more transactions, or lower costs because of self-service, every type of app can contribute to increasing brand loyalty. This means customers develop positive feelings towards your brand. It may lead to customer retention and word-of-mouth advocacy in the long term. Ultimately, the customer’s opinion of and feelings towards the entire company will become more positive. Briefly put, if you build a solid mobile app, you’ll invest in your company. But how does it matter?

The financial benefits of customer retention and satisfaction are clear, say experts. An investment in these aspects provides immediate value and is measurable. For example, usage statistics for online shops show people increasingly use their cell phones to complete online purchases. If your app is great and offers self-service, you’ll also save on support: users don’t need it, because they can perform many actions independently. Moreover, a good app often contributes visibly to strengthening the corporate identity as well as commitment. It demonstrates that you understand your customer’s needs and meet them. This increases the customer’s confidence in your business.

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