Target for the best experience. With Location based IoT from NGTI.

Today’s digital world is all about the experience. Especially in targeted applications of functional technology, which is becoming more and more interwoven in people’s daily lives. Location Services, IoT, Tracking, AI. People want to enjoy it, and it should not bring more tasks to them than it solves. Services and information are carefully tailored to what you want, where you want it and when you want it. It is important to make location data available in real-time. That is done on the basis of hardware, software and cloud applications.

At NGTI we help you, both with your hardware selection (e.g. beacon, sensors, nfc), and with the realization of your prototype and your Proof of Concept of location-based IoT set-ups. We can do this with a mobile MVP, but also with analytics and AI applications, in order to optimize the application. The possibilities of  IoT in mobile app are diverse. Like location-based targeting for optimal in-Shop Experience to consumers. But we also help our customers with logistics optimization issues and installation of native app applications on city beacons in cities, In this way, we deliver a total solution from realization to support so that your business yields maximum returns.