NGTI en MOTIONTAG combine forces!

NGTI and MOTIONTAG launch a mobility platform to engage users in the Dutch market.

Combining NGTI’s engagement platform and MOTIONTAG’s mobility analytics solution provides companies with a unique way to engage with users in a personalized way by getting precise data about people’s indoor and outdoor mobility behaviours.

Indeed, today’s customer journeys are not measured and well understood. This leads companies to do lots of guesswork and not make data-driven decisions to improve their services and engage with their users. Up to now, tackling this problem involved building a solution yourself and bundling multiple data streams together, thus hindering their capacity to innovate at a similar pace as their digital competitors.

Three types of companies can directly benefit from our solution:

  1. Corporate mobility: provide a way to engage with your employees and tailor mobility solutions based on their commuting patterns.
  2. All mobility players: understand how, when, and why people travel from A to B and provide additional data services to give smart insights. For example, measure their travel behaviour and reduce their CO2-footprint.
  3. Retailers: Engage with your app users by improving the customer journey and in-shop experience.

The new mobility platform offers various options. It can be easily integrated inside existing apps or a custom app can be built for you. The platform can combine mobility data with proximity data to offer tailored experiences to end-users and travellers.

Marc Bloemendaal (Commercial Manager, NGTI): “Right and precise data are crucial for every solution. Together with MOTIONTAG, we are able to offer a unique solution that really gives insight into travel behaviours.”

Fabien Sauthier (COO, MOTIONTAG): “Together with NGTI, we offer a tailored solution to help our customers get the best mobile development that fits their needs in the Netherlands. We have proven that this is a winning combination in Switzerland and are eager to provide this solution to the Netherlands.

Res Witschi (Head of sustainability, Swisscom): “With the help of MOTIONTAG and NGTI, we are helping Swiss people and our B2B customers better understand their carbon footprint and curb their CO2 emissions. Together with MOTIONTAG and NGTI and partners like Swiss Energy, Migros Engagement, Southpole, we launched the Swiss Climate Challenge, a tool that sensitizes Swiss citizens toward reducing their carbon footprint.


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