Nr 1. service app!

MySwisscom-app considered best service app!

We’re extremely proud the new MySwisscom app has reached the number 1 position in the app store for service apps in Switzerland. Together with Swisscom development teams, our mobile development experts have crafted this solution. From the first proof of concept to the final go-live this spring. And we’re still enhancing it every day. Thanks to everyone for working on this great project. 

This hybrid iOS and Android app combine a native navigation structure for Android and iOS to provide a fast and snappy experience with a flexible webview to reuse Angular components from different departments. 

And provides Swisscom customers with a quick overview of the customers most important information, like billing and current costs. It also gives access to the entire Swisscom customer centre on their mobile phone. This provides an enormous depth of possibilities, from seeing and paying your bills to manage various settings across many of the Swisscom products. 

And they are able to check your voicemail settings or enable call-forwarding for phone products, configure their TV channels on Swisscom TV, or retrieve their WiFi password for Swisscom Internet. 

Are you interested in the MySwisscom app? Go to our MySwisscom case to find out all the in and outs of this app.