PoC of a shop Experience remotely?

It's possible at the office!

Due to the COVID-19, we were not able to travel internationally to our clients’ store to test the proof of concept. In order to combat this problem, we discussed with the client how we were able to test the proof of concept. Ultimately, the solution was relatively simple. If we cannot carry out the PoC in the Shop, we create our own Shop at the office in Rotterdam.

This proof of concept was created together with our customer to improve two essential parts of the customer journey. Optimizing waiting time and customized service. The installed beacon technology in combination with the mobile app offers the possibility to automatically queue customers and approach them easily.

In order to test this proof of concept in our office, we laid out the shelves and walkways with tape on the ground and put the Bluetooth beacons within these lines. After that, we asked multiple colleagues to download the customer app and to walk through the “store” like they normally would as a customer. By making this “store” in our office and having the colleagues walking around, we were able to simulate customers walking through a store, which are picked up by the Bluetooth beacons and shown on the client app. With this simulation, we were able to test if the beacons were working correctly and if both apps were working without any problems and did what they were supposed to do.