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Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile MvP: develop, learn, and improve smarter with the expert approach of NGTI.

You don’t develop a mobile application just like that. This requires a proven approach, an expert team and a platform-independent approach that provides development solutions for iOS and Android. This starts with the development of a mobile app prototype, which can be used to collect feedback from first users. These mobile MvP apps thus offer a unique opportunity to analyze the reactions in real-time and to investigate whether they will actually be willing to use the app and possibly buy it after launch. The mobile MvP only contains the core functions of the app that will determine the final design. For example, a mobile MVP (Native or Hybrid App) gives the user an idea of ​​what the app will look like and how it will work after launch.

Crossplatform, hybrid & web development

We work extremely flexible, with Flutter, React Native, Angular JS, View.js, HTML5 and other high-end technologies.

Perfection, worked out in every detail and available for every platform. That is what NGTI’s Hybrid App and Web Development team offers. We design and develop robust solutions, for which high-performance is the standard, feature packed is included and scalability is standard. To make this possible, we work extremely flexible, with Angular JS, View.js, Flutter, HTML5 and other high-end technologies. We are also a specialist in full-service development, with maximum reusable code for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows applications. This makes a huge difference in the costs of development and testing. And that in turn can lead to enormous cost savings. Whether you want to work with a hybrid app or web app, our development team has the flexibility to offer customization in multi-platform solutions. 

Native iOS App development

Streamlined iOS Mobile App Development Service.

Perfect coordination of technology, functionality and reliability. That is what NGTI’s Native iOS App development services guarantee. During development, we connect all aspects of your product life cycle to provide the best and most flexible mobile solution. Not only for storing and sharing data in the cloud, but also for optimal connection with smart devices at home or at the office. In addition, we can also process functionalities such as in-app purchases, Apple Pay support, the use of voice technology to handle user requests and full integration of machine learning models. Whatever you have in mind with your iOS app, our development team has the power to guarantee best-in-class functionality.

Native Android App development

Custom Android App Development for Mobile Devices.

An optimal combination of expertise and experience with the latest developments and the newest technologies. NGTI’s Native Android App developers ensure perfect performance during and after delivery of your mobile application. With reason. We only work with specialized Android development teams, who manage the entire process; from the first sprint to the Google Play submission. To get the most out of Google Cloud technologies, our mobile experts will help you implement Google Pay and enable in-app purchases. In addition, we ensure that Google Assistant is also integrated and that registration is made as easy as possible with the Google Identity Platform. Whatever Android app you want to launch, our development team has the knowledge and expertise to enable top-of-the-line functionality.