Product Design Services

Product Strategy

Let's mobilize your business together.

You want to innovate. Constantly strive for improvement. At NGTI we know all about this. We also know that this is fundamental if you really want to move forward with your company. And it does not matter whether you are still operating in the start-up phase or whether you are already seasoned in your niche. Your business too can be prepared for the world of tomorrow today by taking the step to mobile now. And we like to take that step together. With a clear strategy, a targeted approach and measurable results.


Product Vision

Give your app a unique design, like only NGTI can create.

Products are becoming increasingly more complex, yet users are expecting more simplicity. Your competitors are moving quickly, but the technology and trends are moving even quicker. Fundamentally, the ways in which products are created has changed.

Our prototype-driven and people-centered approach will get your mobile product to market. A product that people care about and also solves your business needs. We will guide you through every step of the design process so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. In this collaborative approach, we build a deeper understanding of job’s to be done, the desired future state, business case and the target audience. We come away with several concepts, design principles and a clear product vision statement.

Visual Design and Interaction Design

Design your app with the user, your business and a unique design in mind.

Design an application. That provides your user with a unique experience. With a clear design that meets expectations and puts ease of use first. That is what we are working towards in this phase. We do this in three steps. First, we determine which information and function should be placed where in the interface. What is the best information structure that optimally serves the user in his journey? Then the form of interaction with the user wireframes becomes clear.  With the final step, the visual design. we fill the design in. In the form of mockups and a prototype, we start the first user tests to ultimately optimize the design. 

Improvement plan

Want to modernize your app? The NGTI Improvement plan will help you further.

Is your mobile app having trouble keeping up with today’s technology? Is your conversion rate falling, or are you dealing with less customer satisfaction? Are you looking to implement new functionality, but your product simply isn’t built to seamlessly adapt? There are more than enough reasons for you to want to update your mobile app product to fit today’s standards. At NGTI we can help you further. Because developments follow each other in rapid succession, which means that all kinds of functional and technical aspects can be a reason to want or need to renew a mobile app. Central to a redesign is, therefore, the goal: what is the goal we want to achieve? First, we answer this question together. Based on the answer to that question, we perform an audit, we make a redesign or modernization that noticeably improves.