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Building a product

Build your Product and your Success with the strength of NGTI.

Joining forces. To enable a good start. That is what we aim for at NGTI. For example, we like to partner with start-ups to build their first app in the right way. We rely on user tests and data to avoid guesswork. In addition, we help generate rapid growth in the number of users by designing the customer journey in such a way that the threshold for the conversion is extremely low. 

We think along practically, by working with a fixed development period of 8 weeks and fixed prices. That can make a huge difference in the start-up phase. Experience shows that at NGTI we are able to deliver the first mobile product in that lead time, with which you can present your first successes to your users and your investors. Our experts know exactly where the priorities lie and adjust all actions of the team accordingly. This produces immediate results. Whether you are an independent start-up, a corporate start-up, or as a scale-up in the next growth phase, with NGTI you get the experience, expertise and decisiveness you need to build your business quickly and effectively. 

Building a team

Build your team and your growth with the support of NGTI.

A vision. A product. And a team. That’s what a start-up is all about. All the more reason to bring and keep these aspects in optimal balance with each other. At NGTI we can have a say about it. We were once a start-up ourselves. With a vision, a product and a strong team. In the next phase of our development, we too used the methodology that helped us move forward for the growth of other start-ups. We are happy to use these experiences to help you. So that you can build your start-up and your growth with the right steps and the right team. 

We can offer all kinds of services for this. Think of recruiting and selecting the right technical person for the right place, including the interviews and any assessments. Or setting up an inspiring workspace, fulfilling a part-time CTO role, the deployment of mobile experts from NGTI and access to an international start-up ecosystem. Whatever your vision and product, no matter how large your team may become, with NGTI you can build on trust. To your product, your team and your growth. 

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