Developments in the field of location verification and the registration of mobility movements are following each other in rapid succession. We provide mobile apps with the right context more accurately, intelligently and faster, based on location and mobility analyses.

Successful cases are visible in various sectors. In retail: optimal shop experience based on instore movements. In smart mobility and smart cities: insight into transport movements for design choices. In the sustainability sector: linking mobility data to calculate CO2 footprint.

Curious about the opportunities for your organization and industry?

Make your app smarter and better.

Thursday December 3rd, 15.00 - 16.30

Okke van ‘T Verlaat, CTO at NGTI, answers the following questions:

  • How can you safely and effectively translate specific location data and other enriched mobility data into a smart app?
  • What are the various sensors on smartphones that can be used to collect data?
  • What is the precision and operation of the recent beacon technology in combination with a smartphone?

He discusses success factors and “lessons learned” on the basis of two practical cases.

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